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Bipolar Disorder and the Family

by Ronald B Cohen, MD “No pill or computer game can ever helpanyone find meaning in their lives.”–Amit EtkinStanford University School of Medicine In response to my previous post on Psychiatric Family Therapy, which I define as “helping families, using a biopsychosocial reference frame, to successfully adapt to the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual challenges of […]

The Collateral Damage of Bipolar Disorder

by Ronald B Cohen, MD What Do Children Want to Know When a Parent Has Bipolar Disorder, and even more important, How Do We Help Protect Them from Adverse Developmental Trauma? Jennifer Safian posed these questions, minus my paraphrasing, in response to my previous blog on Family-Focused Psychotherapy for Patients with Bipolar Disorder, and subsequently shared personally […]

The Family Focused Approach to Bipolar Disorder

by Ronald B Cohen, MD I cannot imagine leading a normal life without bothtaking lithium and having had the benefits ofpsychotherapy….Ineffably, psychotherapy heals.Kay Redfield Jamison, Ph. D.— An Unquiet Mind Many group discussions in response to a prior post, Bipolar Disorder and the Family, included requests for more detail concerning the treatment protocol. The Family-Focused Treatment approach […]