How Can I Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing?

How Can I Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing?

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How Can I Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing? Try These Top Alternatives! 

Several people are uncertain about their soulmate’s commitment; they wonder whether their relationships will wax strong through thick and thin. You’re not alone if you’ve had this line of thought cross your mind lately.

You might be genuinely worried about your boyfriend’s whereabouts or who he’s been seeing. Also, you may have tiny, niggling gut feelings you can’t seem to shake, especially when you consider his smartphone and the connection it brings.

Your sense of insecurity isn’t unusual, especially with records indicating the alarming tendencies of men to cheat.

At this point, you’re probably always wondering who your boyfriend texts in your absence. Do you trust him enough to know that he isn’t in another lady’s DMs?


How Can I Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing? Try These Top Alternatives! 

Honestly, there’s only one way to be sure besides telling you straight away (hint: he’d likely not). Track your boyfriend’s phone to get all the info you need. However, you must be secretive and sophisticated about it.

This article explores answers to the query, “how can I track my boyfriend’s phone without him knowing?” and focuses on competent alternatives available to make this activity possible.

Let’s get started!

Why Should I Track My Boyfriend’s Location Without Him Knowing?

Before we get into the various exciting ways you can spy on your boyfriend’s phone, understand why you’re taking this step.

Suspecting your boyfriend has a massive implication on the relationship, and when you take things further by snooping around, you’d better have the right reasons.

Some situations may warrant planting spyware on your partner’s phone, including:

  • Trust (Or The Lack Thereof)

One of the significant underlying factors that could motivate you to spy on your boyfriend is the lack of trust in the relationship. Trust is a quality vital for the health of any romantic relationship, and its absence can harm either person.

Another interesting thing about trust is that you can tell when it’s not there. Imagine spending a lot of time with your boyfriend and realizing you can’t trust him.


You have trust problems if you doubt your boyfriend’s motive to spend the night with the boys or ask “where’s my boyfriend currently?” questions.

At this point, you might decide to search for “track my boyfriend’s phone” options to prevent disappointments that might happen later in the future.

  • Major Misunderstandings

All relationships have rough patches. There’ll be days when you can’t agree with your boyfriend on a specific matter. However, misunderstandings become an issue when they are deep-rooted and drawn-out.

If you see that your boyfriend isn’t letting go of some past grievances and trying hard to hurt you in an argument, check what he’s been doing on his phone.

Who knows?

A new woman may be the motivating factor for significant misunderstandings.

  • Loss of Interest on His Part

Does your boyfriend no longer find you attractive and desirable? That’s a massive “emergency” sign for your relationship, and the only way you can save the day is by investigating his phone activities stealthily.

A secret lover is often enough to deflect your boyfriend’s interest in you. What’s worse? If he’s intent to cheat, he may begin to show you his new disinterest.

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Monitoring his phone lets you see who he’s been conversing with and why he no longer wants to spend time with you.

  • For His Safety

Not all reasons are harmful when it comes to tracking your boyfriend’s phone. You could do it to ascertain his safety while he’s out on business.

This scenario is more likely when you know that your partner has a carefree attitude towards everything.

Tracking your boyfriend’s GPS location helps you stay ahead of the curve when an accident happens. You’ll have his last known location, and that could assist you in taking the right action if your partner is in danger.


  • Suspicions of Him Sleeping With Someone Else

Cheating is a much more complicated issue than your partner seeing someone else.

You’ve got a massive problem when sex and intimacy get thrown in the mix.

Do you suspect that your boyfriend is sleeping with someone else? If you notice that he’s become much less intimate with you, this may likely be the case.

If you’d like to get rock-solid evidence, bug his phone with spyware to trawl data from it.

  • Lack of Communication

Another reason you might want to kick things into gear and put tracking software on your boyfriend’s phone is if you notice a decline in communication.

Several reasons exist why your partner suddenly stops talking to you as much as he did. Although depression, massive workload, or relations with another mistress can top the list, you can’t tell for sure unless you go through his phone to see his recent activities.

How Do I Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Through GPS?

How can I track my boyfriend’s location without him knowing? We’ve got modern communication technology to help me.

Tech has made it possible to track someone’s location precisely using GPS (Global Positioning System). Furthermore, present-day smartphones have a potent combination of 4G LTE and 5G networks, making location monitoring more accessible.

Chances are that your boyfriend uses one of the many newer smartphone models. Thus, it shouldn’t take you long to install an application that lets you know where he’s at in real-time.

However, there’s a central paradox: the same mobile technology that made it easy for you to track your boyfriend can help him better hide information from you. Thus, employing your innate feminine wit is a must to get the right results.

Free Ways of Tracking Your Boyfriend’s Phone

If you’ve convinced yourself to track your boyfriend’s phone, the next step is to find ways and methods to do it. What monitoring options are available to you?

We recommend starting with some free tracking services available on the Internet. You’ll get to try out different tracking features without paying a dime.

Below are some of the best free options to help you track your boyfriend’s phone:

Option #1: Google Find My Device

The Google Find My Device service is a native function on Android-powered devices and an excellent free way to track your boyfriend’s phone.

Designed to help retrieve lost or stolen smartphones, the Google Find My Device could help me to track my boyfriend’s location – or anyone.

Requirements for Using Find My Device

You’d need to put certain things in place before getting started with the Google Find My Device, including:

  • Ensure that the target smartphone is active and connected to the Internet or Wi-Fi network.
  • Check to see if your boyfriend’s logged in to his Gmail account on the device.
  • Install the Google Find My Device on the phone from the Play Store.
  • Activate the location feature on the smartphone and grant all the necessary app permissions.

Step-By-Step Procedure to Use Find My Device to Track Your Boyfriend’s Location 

You can start tracking your boyfriend’s phone location using the following steps:

  1. Open a browser tab on your smartphone or other devices. Now, enter the link: and open it.
  2. Sign in using your boyfriend’s Google logins.
  3. Select the smartphone whose location you’d like to find. Now, you’ll see the location of the device in real-time. This service also allows you to browse previous trails if you need that information.

Google Find My Device is a free and convenient way to track your boyfriend’s location if he’s using an Android smartphone. You must retrieve his Google account details and keep his phone online to use this method.

NOTE: The Google Find My Device would only detect Android phones whose versions are higher than Android 4.0

Option #2: Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is another nifty free tracking tool you can use without issues. The feature is a native function in iOS and should work seamlessly if your boyfriend uses an iPhone.

Like Google Find My Device, Find My iPhone accesses lost or stolen iPhones through real-time location data. In addition, however, you can know your boyfriend’s whereabouts by checking his Find My iPhone profile.

Ensure the target device has an active iCloud account and you have the logins. Once that’s sorted, you can follow the steps below:

Step-by-Step Procedure to Tracking Your Boyfriend’s iPhone Using Find My iPhone

Use the following steps to get location updates on your boyfriend’s iPhone:

  1. Turn on the “Find My iPhone” feature within the “Settings” app on your boyfriend’s phone. You’ll find it under the iCloud sub-menu.
  2. Open the official iCloud website on another device and log into the account linked to the target device.
  3. iCloud will load the Find My iPhone service upon login. Select the particular device you wish to track, as other iOS products might be linked to the account.

The tracking options mentioned above would let me find my boyfriend’s location for free. If you want to know more about your partner’s activities, you’d need a more advanced alternative.

You can’t use “Google Find My Device” and “Find My iPhone” to access your boyfriend’s call logs and other sensitive data that might hold some secrets. Thus, you might have to pay for a spyware application

How to Track My Boyfriend by Phone Number for Free in 2022?

If your boyfriend doesn’t let his cell phone out of sight, tracking his phone number might be the only logical option left for you in the relationship.

You can use any free location tracking service highlighted above if you’d like to get the information on short notice.

However, note that while these options would work in a pinch, they don’t provide enough detailed data.

You’d have to find advanced phone monitoring features elsewhere, as they aren’t readily available to regular individuals.

Only law enforcement agents and governmental bodies can use services to track someone’s location by phone numbers.

However, just before you give up monitoring your boyfriend’s smartphone through his phone number, it’ll interest you to know that software like is available.

We’d recommend it, as it lets me track my boyfriend by phone number for free.

With this service, all you need to do is send a message to your boyfriend’s phone from website. The message contains a tracking link, and your job is to get him to open it.

Once that happens, you get detailed information about your boyfriend’s whereabouts, with him being none the wiser.


Use a Professional Find My Boyfriend Locator App

We can list some websites and built-in services to track my boyfriend’s location for free. However, you’d need the correct tools to access your boyfriend’s cell phone without detection.

Spy applications are an excellent medium. These apps can go through your boyfriend’s smartphone and sieve out any information you want without leaving traces.

A typical spy app can detect and track text messages, call logs, and multimedia. It collects these data types and stores them in a central server where you can retrieve them remotely.

Spyware works in the background, leaving no battery or performance footprint. So, unless your boyfriend’s a multi-certified ethical hacker, he wouldn’t know there’s a spy app on his phone.

To get started with a spy application, you must install it on your boyfriend’s phone. After installation, insert a license key and sign into your unique dashboard.

Now, you can monitor your boyfriend’s chats, calls, and multimedia files without him knowing.


Where’s My Boyfriend Right Now? How Сan I Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing?

Relationships can be turbulent at certain times, leaving you out in the cold. If you’re in a toxic relationship, you should be looking to get out by any means necessary.

Your flaky boyfriend might be cheating and trying as much as possible to keep it away from you.

Gathering irrefutable evidence of his escapades might be your ticket out of the relationship, but how do you manage that?

You’d need to know how to track your boyfriend without him knowing for free.

Your answer? High-powered spy applications like mSpy.

Here are steps that’ll help you track your boyfriend’s phone with mSpy.

How to Install the Spy App on Boyfriend’s Phone?

If your boyfriend uses an Android smartphone, you can follow the steps below to get mSpy up and run on it.

Step-By-Step Procedure to Install mSpy on Android

Below, take a look at all the steps you’d need to follow to get mSpy on your boyfriend’s Android phone:

Step 1. Subscription and Account Creation

To get started with the mSpy app and its extensive spy features, you’d need to get a subscription.

mSpy currently has Basic and Premium plans. Once you’ve paid for your preferred subscription option, you’ll receive your account details which you can use from any browser.

NOTE: The mSpy Basic plan has fewer features than the Premium alternative. The latter offers every function in mSpy’s inventory. 

Step 2. App Download

Proceed to download mSpy once you’ve successfully logged into your account. Select “Android” as the OS of choice from your dashboard.


Now, take the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on the target device and open the “Security” menu. Then, toggle on the “install applications from different sources” option.
  2. Launch the browser on the device and enter the URL – http:// – in the search bar. Complete the CAPTCHA test on the page and download the “bt.apk” app.
  3. You can open the file once the download is complete.
Step 3. App Installation

After opening the downloaded file, it’ll kick-start the installation process.

The following are the quick steps to the procedure:

  1. On the first splash screen in the app, select the “Next” button to move through to the installation screen.
  2. The target device might send a warning pop-up about installing the application. You can press the “install anyway” button when that happens.
  3. Once the installation progress bar has run its entire course, hit the “Open” icon to run mSpy for the first time.
  4. Accept the licenses that pop up on the next screen.
  5. Activate the “Update Services” option.
  6. At this point, you’re ready to cull every bit of data from your boyfriend’s phone with mSpy. You can also have the application display its icon on the home screen or stay hidden.

Final Thoughts

Relationships are lovely. However, the reverse might be the case if you’ve got a jerk for a boyfriend. Such a partner leaves you with emotional anguish and makes you question your decision to be with him.

What do you do in such situations? Find out why your boyfriend’s no longer as attracted to you as before.

From experience, we can tell you that he won’t be upfront about it, especially if there’s someone else. Here, the only option is to dig up proof yourself.

Since that’ll be a tricky, risky venture, we’ve curated a list of effective alternatives that’ll help you pull it off without a trace.

You’re on a journey for redemption, and we’d like you to do it the right way.


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